Monday, March 1, 2010

Sad demise of the last Rajasaheb of Kurundwad Jr.

The last ruler of erstwhile Indian princely state of Kurundwad Jr. Honorary Major H.H. Raja Raghunathrao Dadasaheb Patwardhan, ADC to the 1st President of India, recepient of the Independence Medal, passed away due to old age on 19th Feb 2007. He was given ceremonial army funeral by Maratha Light Infrantry. The various dignitaries and members of the royal families who attended the funeral were,
1. HH Raja of Kurundwad Sr.
2. Rajkumar of Miraj Sr.
3. Sardar Shrimant Sudhir Buty & his 2 sons
4. Shrimant Arvind Gogte & his son,
5. Shrimant Mohan Phadke
6. Brig. Misra, commandant MLIRC.
7. Col. Dashrath & officers of MLIRC.